Take care of safety in your organization.

Get proper certification, which will provide you with a number of benefits. This will improve the level of your services, increase  the sense of security of residents and employees, and also avoid the risk of possible complaints or lawsuits.


We will be happy to provide your office with the above certifications with the possibility of using other services. These services are mainly focused on security solutions.


The Data Protection Regulation is still the most comprehensive set of data protection rules in the world.

Cyber Security

Cyber ​​security is a branch of computer technology applied to both computers and networks.


Occupational safety and health expresses a set of measures by which the employer eliminates the occurrence of risks in the workplace.

Fire Protection

Fire protection must meet the conditions laid down by law.

Soft targets Protection

In general, these are places with a high concentration of people and a low level of security against violent attack.

Records Managament and Archiving

The records managament is intended to ensure the proper life cycle of the document. Documents can be both analog, digital or electronic. 


GDPR in the practice of schools


08.09.2021 ONLINE

Webinar focused on GDPR in the practice of schools.…
Cyber Security in the practice of schools


15.09.2021 ONLINE

Webinar focused on Cyber Security in the practice of schools.…
Records Managament in the practice of schools


21.09.2021 ONLINE

Webinar focused on Records Managament in the practice of schools.…

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Benefits of the Certification

    • Improving services 
    • Setting up an effective inspection process
    • Reduction of organizational costs
    • Improving risk management
    • Use of subsidy titles in the field of security
    • Increasing the image and credibility of the organization
    • Increased satisfaction and a sense of security
    • And many other benefits...

How the audit works

    • 1. Contact us with a request for a certification audit.
    • 2. Initial consultation and commencement of the audit
    • 3. Elaboration of audit schedule
    • 4. Intput analysis, mapping, data collection, etc.
    • 5. Checking the documentation
    • 6. Elaboration of audit report and supplementation of documentation
    • 7. Completion of the audit and granting of the certificate.


Many authorities have already passed the hands of our organizations.


News and updates

GDPR and Data Protection

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Our project is one of the important projects in the field of security in the Czech Republic

The project intended for local governments in the field of security enjoys great support from experts.
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Municipalities and schools in the Olomouc region received prestigious awards

Municipalities and schools in the Olomouc region received prestigious awards
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Implementation team

Our team consists of auditors, inspectors, experts, legal specialists, forensic experts and experts from various fields of security, archiving and filing services. In addition, we are members of professional bodies of the Government of the Czech Republic and the European Commission. We participate in the creation of legislation, our analyzes and opinions are presented in professional media.

About us
Bc. Radek Kubíček, MBA
CEO and Security Auditor


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